Hi! My name is Aysia and I am the lead planner and owner of Sea Tree Weddings.

Yep, that’s me, inhaling a cinnamon bun and downing a beer in between the ceremony and reception of my own wedding day. I was way too excited/nervous to remember to eat anything that morning. I learned the hard way that planning and executing a wedding (especially as the bride) is harder than you may think. I relied heavily on my friends and family to get it done – thanks mom!

Planning my own wedding made me realize how much I love weddings, and I have been planning them professionally ever since. It is a day that is all about love, and you should be able to soak it in and enjoy every second without having to worry about the details.

So, whether you need a friend to bounce design ideas off of, help with balancing your budget, or even someone to make sure you eat before you walk down the aisle, I am your girl!

My Style...








I love a beautiful, natural backdrop. Take me somewhere scenic where the focus can be about the engaged couple. We can build an event around them rather than distract from it. 



My Approach….

With all of my clients I strive to be your wedding planning “best friend!” I am a laid back planner, which seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it? So as you may expect, I don’t really fit into the expected “wedding planner box”. I am just a normal gal who loves weddings and wants to make sure that you get to enjoy every part of your big day.

My goal is to ensure that you to feel comfortable chatting with me about anything, and I will always be in your corner in order to execute your perfect day. I can be as involved in the planning as you want me to be. I can offer advice, organize vendors, and of course manage the task list to make sure everything gets accomplished on time. 

But I’m only as effective as the communication we have. So I encourage my clients to contact me anytime by email, text or phone call so we can make sure that your event is exactly what you dreamed.  

Sea Tree Team: Maggie, Aysia and Elsabet

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I am a proud #girlmom and have a toddler at home
  • I love cats, therefore I have two: Luna and Bailee. 
  • I probably drink too much coffee but oh well, it brings me life!
  • I am a giant dork. I’m obsessed with books, video games and board games
  • I grew up in Kelowna B.C but I have been an islander for over a decade now
  • My favourite part about a wedding: watching the partner at the top of the aisle see their fiance walk down the aisle

Here are some fun facts about my team:

  • We get emotional at all of the weddings we run; especially during personal vows and family speeches
  • We hit the dance floor for at least one song during your reception
  • We work our butts off so that you can enjoy your special day
Feel free to reach out with any questions on how I can help